Monday, January 27, 2014

The Holy Land Key

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This book is on prophecy, Israel and the chosen people.  It brings a fresh perspective on all three of these topics. 

I have read and heard many ideas of the future of the Jewish people. This author brings out different angels to the prophecies in the Bible.  He doesn't predict his to be right, but just throws them out there for us to think about.

This book reminded me how important the chosen people, the Jews are in God's eyes.  That prophecy has not remained void today, according to Ray Bentley.  The prophecies in the Bible are many times fold. There is a past and possibly also a future vision.

Don't read this book as just another guy trying to predict prophecy.  Instead look within with a desire to draw closer to God, His word and the desires He has planned.

It is fascinating to read the many layers and dimensions of the Bible that are still to come.  Reading this book can create that excitement.

"I have received this book for free from  Waterbrook Multomah Publishing Group for this review."